Searching for batiks

It started with a love of textiles mixed in with wanting to visit places that were off the beaten path and to "meet" Indonesians in a non-touristy sort of way.  Little did we realize!


Along the way   .... a group of schoolkids from Solo (where the Indonesian president was mayor) on a school tour in Bali.  Full of questions.  Them... and us.


Searching for batiks and the craftspeople/artists who produce them - along with improving our understanding of batik is a lot like peeling layers off a very large onion.  We go back to Canada thinking we have learned something and each time we go back to Indonesia to search again we realize that we have only scratched the surface.

On return trips back to Indonesia, we choose a new location to look for batiks and to explore.  Last year it was the island of Madura off the coast of Java.  Fierce, proud people - unique batiks! Unique places to display batik!

To hear more about our travels and our quest for new sources of batiks - check out our blog!!