Bringing Batiks to Canadians

It started at Ground Waves - Charlee and her business partner Jude's store in Perth Ontario.  We introduced a small sampling of batiks products: wooden bowls with batik patterns and batik silk scarves.  Not surprisingly - many customers liked what they saw.  

Then we launched a series of "POPUP"  sales in Perth assisted by Popin2Shop Facebook

Instagram a few of years ago ( and added that to our way of communicating to people about our batik collections.  Instagram not only brought us a more diverse group of followers but also several Indonesian batik makers with whom we have been able to connect with when in Java.


In 2019 we had the pleasure of being invited to sell our batiks at Indofest in Ottawa/Gatineau - sponsored by the Indonesian Embassy in Canada. The same year, we participated in Fibrefest in Almonte Ontario, organized by the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum for the first time.  During Covid it was a virtual Fibrefest and then in 2023 we were back actually talking and mingling with people

Now with this webpage we have started to be in contact with an even broader range of Canadians - and others from many countries!

Check out our blog for more information and stories about our activities here and in Indonesia.  We love talking about the amazing people we meet who are making batiks and just talking about batiks and Indonesia.  Feel free to contact us - or better still come and visit and see our collections.