Bringing Batiks to Canadians

It started at Ground Waves - Charlee and her business partner Jude's store in Perth Ontario.  We introduced a small sampling of batiks products: wooden bowls with batik patterns and batik silk scarves.  Not surprisingly - many customers liked what they saw.  

Then we launched a series of "POPUP"  sales in Perth assisted by Popin2Shop Facebook

Instagram a couple of years ago ( and added that to our way of communicating to people about our batik collections.  Instagram not only brought us a more diverse group of followers but also several Indonesian batik makers with whom we have been able to connect with when in Java.


This year, for a second time we participated in Fibrefest (  in Almonte Ontario, organized by the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. We also had the pleasure of being invited to sell our batiks at Indofest in Ottawa/Gatineau - sponsored by the Indonesian Embassy in Canada.  

Now with this webpage we hope to be in contact with an even broader range of Canadians - and others!

Check out our blog for more information and stories about our activities here and in Indonesia.